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Behind The Nines


"You’ve seen the highlight action clips. Now enjoy a deep dive behind the scenes of one of mountain biking’s most renowned events, The Audi Nines. The bike season is well underway and the next edition of The Audi Nines MTB is already rapidly nearing. It’s high time to take a look back at the groundbreaking action from last year’s event, as well as all the work that goes into creating this unique action sports spectacle, in a new 26-minute documentary. The Audi Nines is a unique event series that brings together some of the world’s best athletes to progress their sports to the next level. First founded in 2008 as a snow sports event, The Nines have included a mountain bike component since 2011. Last year in collaboration with Bikepark Idarkopf, the event relocated to a stunning new venue—a quarry in in Germany’s Birkenfeld region—for its most spectacular iteration yet. The documentary “Behind the Nines - MTB Edition” showcases this unique intersection of riders, builders, filmers and photographers at one the most progressive playgrounds ever built. Enjoy full immersion into the world of The Nines as event creator Nico Zacek explains the concept, while elite mountain bikers like Nicholi Rogatkin, Ethan Nell and Sam Pilgrim expound on what makes this event so special. You’ll hear from Sam Reynolds and Clemens Kaudela, the designers and builders of the course, and get to know some of the crew working hard behind the scenes with shovels, hoses, cords and cameras to bring the event to life. Above all, the documentary seeks to convey the unique vibe of this special event, a week-long jam session where the stoke is real for everyone involved. Feel the energy permeate from the world’s best mountain bikers to the helping hands behind the scenes as they unite to create The Audi Nines family. In this spirit, take a few minutes of your day to feel the stoke and dive deeper into the world of The Audi Nines."

Behind the Scenes
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