Ep 4 | Working Together

Working Together


Is it possible to fly a paraglider from Mexico to Canada? What would it take and who would be stupid enough to try such a thing? Benjamin Jordan is able to travel insanely far by paraglider, carrying his tent, sleeping bag and everything he needs to survive. From 30 to 50-day, solo traverses, ranging from 1,000 to 1,200 km, the Canadian adventurer has continued to redefine what is possible for this new, fringe method of travel. Challenging as these undertakings have been, the real hurdles have been unassuming. For days, and sometimes weeks at a time, Jordan would find himself stuck below a peak somewhere, waiting for suitable conditions to fly on. “It’s the loneliness, above all, that dares me to quit” he says. But lots has changed for Jordan over the past few years, most notably his teaming up with girlfriend, and paraglider pilot Lyndsay Nicole. Together, the pair have been producing top-notch flying films in the Canadian Rockies and last summer they decided to take their teamwork to the next level. No longer limited to selfie-sticks and static tripod shots, Benjamin has invited Lyndsay to join him on his biggest expedition to date. Together, the two will attempt to travel the 3000 km that separates Mexico from Canada. If they succeed, they will set a new world record and no matter what happens, the pair will realize the challenges, and the joys of Working Together.