Ep 6 | Unrivaled: Bob Rankin

Unrivaled: Bob Rankin


For all of the amazing shots you see in ski films, there’s usually someone just out of frame who doesn’t get nearly as much attention or glory as they deserve. Getting athletes into position to perform is the job of the heli-ski guide and it isn’t always an easy one. Not only are they tasked with showing you the time of your life on snow, they’re also responsible for keeping you alive. At Mike Wiegele Heli Skiing in British Columbia, Bob Rankin has reached legendary status – just as well-known and recognizable as the famous skiers and riders who come through for a visit. Rankin has been guiding here for the past 30 years and he looks just as good in front of the camera as the athletes he’s been tasked with showing off for it. Rankin recounts the highlights of his career, the challenges and rewards of being a heli-ski guide, and why he has no plans to hang it up anytime soon. Skiers Jim Ryan and Austin Ross reap the benefits of Rankin’s vast knowledge and slay his best powder stashes.

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