Ep 7 | Sean Chuma

Sean Chuma


Evil Knievel saw something special in the snake river canyon that runs through Twin Falls, ID. He attempted to jump the canyon in 1974. At over 1500ft the gap was preposterous. Needless to say he didn’t make it and deployed a parachute shortly after leaving the ramp. A little over 10 years later 3 former paratroopers decided to test the parachute capabilities off the Perrine bridge which at 486ft high, spans over the Snake river. They did static line jumps using military surplus parachutes. Now BASE jumpers from all over the world flock to Twin Falls, ID to jump this bridge, the only legal base jumping bridge in the United States. It is because of this reason that Sean Chuma calls Twin Falls home. He started a business here teaching BASE jumping and offering Tandem BASE jumps to anyone willing to strap themselves to him.

BASE jump