Ep 7 | Unrivaled: Caite Zeliff

Unrivaled: Caite Zeliff


It wasn’t until recently that Caite Zeliff actually considered herself a professional skier. Hailing from New Hampshire, Caite was a collegiate ski racer before she decided to move out West and pursue freeriding. She settled in Jackson Hole, WY and is now the 2-time reigning Queen of Corbet’s - beating out all of the other female skiers and riders in a competition based around Jackson’s iconic couloir. Local rippers and sponsors alike have taken notice of Caite’s rowdy yet technically sound style and love what they’re seeing. Caite may be a beast on the mountain but she is staying humble off it. She still waits tables at night and coaches skiing to kids (even the ones of famous skiers like Tommy Moe and Rob and Kit DesLauriers). This newcomer may be new to the scene, but she’s just getting started and will be someone to watch for years to come.

Jackson Hole