Fabric: A Documentary Series | Trailer

Fabric: A Documentary Series


A first-of-its-kind documentary series chronicling a group of athletes, artists, and activists across snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding, FABRIC is a five-part series that illustrates what’s possible when the sport has leveraged a vehicle to affect fundamental change. Each of the five episodes is centered around a specific theme—from Knowledge and Adaptation to Activism, Cultural Heritage, and Community—and showcases a group of groundbreaking humans united by their connections to people, place, and pursuit. The series stars nearly two dozen change-makers whose causes extend beyond themselves. In the surf, this includes big wave maverick Paige Alms along with Izzi Gomez, Leah Dawson, Hanna Scott, Sanoa Olin, Mainei Kinimaka, and the Black female collective Textured Waves. In snow, Estelle Pensiero, Robin Van Gyn, Jessa Gilbert, Marie-France Roy, Ireland Smith, Spencer O’Brien, Sandy Ward, Leanne Pelosi; and in skate, Kristin Ebeling, Alexa Berriochoa, Rose Archie, Juliette Pelchat, and Hannah Eddy.