Outside Series

The Presidential Traverse

3 Episodes

Episode 1

The Presidential Traverse

The guys head home to Boston and into the White Mountains, where they first cut their teeth. The mission is to complete the Presidential Traverse in a single day, taking in all ten summits -- including Mount Washington where the strongest winds in American history have been recorded -- before getting Jason back on a plane to make it home for his daughter’s 2nd birthday.

Episode 2


Mike and Jason head to Portland, Oregon, for the ultimate mountain adventure. They’ll attempt the first known summit and circumnavigation of Mount Hood, a brutal 42-mile tour of the mountain, within 24 hours.

Episode 3

The Picnic

The Jackson Hole Picnic is an unofficial triathlon attempted by some of the most elite athletes in the world. It entails a 24-mile bike ride, a 1.5-mile alpine lake swim, then a summit of the Grand Teton before turning around and doing it all in reverse on their way back to town.