Crushed: The Kat Matthews Story

4 episodes

The triathlon journey of Kat Matthews from somewhat obscurity to history maker is nothing short of remarkable. A British Army physio, Kat's characteristics and work ethic soon flourished when she decided to take up triathlon. With the support of her husband, Mark, Kat started to work her way up through the ranks of the professional field, and by the start of 2022, she had quickly been established as 'one to watch' at the very highest level. The 2022 season started with a bang, winning in Lanzarote before a second-place finish at the Ironman World Championship in St George. However, a late call-up to the unique Sub8 project highlighted how far she could go, beating one of the greatest triathletes of all time, Nicola Spirig, to become the first-ever woman to finish a full-distance triathlon in under eight hours. As she prepared for another tilt at the Ironman World Championship, this time in Kona, Hawaii, Kat's life was turned upside down in the blink of an eye one September day while training on her bike. This is the first episode of 'Crushed: The Kat Matthews Story' - a series that defines the incredible determination of all professional triathletes in a sport that is truly the ultimate test of endurance.