Outside Series


7 Episodes

Episode 1


Our crew of James Heim and Sam Amtamatten head to some of the most dramatic and beautiful mountains on earth in Peru. The imagery is breathtaking, and so is the first person journal style account James tells about his trip.

Episode 2

Fear Helm

Cody Townsend, Markus Eder, and Richard Permin face their fears and create their dreams by taking on the Tordrillo Mountains in Alaska containing some of the steepest and most dangerous skiing terrain in the world.

Episode 3

Big Mountain Puzzle

In this episode we watch pro skiers try to solve the puzzle in two of the ultimate destination in Seward and the Tordillas of Alaska.

Episode 4


Modern skiers consider the powder day, or the day when all conditions line up just right to make the conditions special as the holy grail. This episode is devoted to that powder day.

Episode 5

Great Escape

Mark Abma, James Heim, Michelle Parker use a mobile dome to camp high in the mountains of the coast range so they could be closer to the wild, and some in sane big mountain skiing. It was like heli-camping with a dome.

Episode 6

Back to the Roots

We all started skking at ski areas. This is a celebration of those areas: Snowbird, Crested Butte, and Revelstoke resort. We don't often see pro skiers shredding in these arenas, so this is your chance!

Episode 7


From the day each of us started skiing, one thing sat at the back of our mind. I want to get better at this. That is at the root of what we call progression. It's our need to get better at skiing. This episode shows how our pros went from beginner, to shredder.