Ep 2 | Revelstoke

It was fear at first glance for the riders landing on Boulder Park, about 20k outside of Revelstoke, for scope day. With two venues to choose from, Mother Nature delivered and made the burlier, pillow, and cliff-laden Boulder Park the call-over mellower, yet still rowdy Huckleberry. Now, the Natural Selection team, camera crews, and 12 of the world’s best snowboarders are set to pull off the first, fully live, successful broadcast of a significant snowboard contest from the backcountry. As the riders cram the night before, will they have time to memorize massive lines and find them the following day? Will veteran backcountry riders like Rice, Hight, Bang, and Fasani have the edge over riders who more recently crossed into backcountry riding? Watch it play out now with full behind-the-curtain access on “Selective Memory: Revelstoke.