Outside Series

Karina Hollekim at Fatima's Hand

6 Episodes

Episode 1

Karina Hollekim at Fatima's Hand

This episode centers around the Norwegian BASE jumper and free skiing star Karina Hollekim and her riveting Hand of Fatima BASE jumping venture at Mount Hombori Mali's highest peak on the edge of the world's most imposing desert. The legendary top athlete has always thrived on pushing herself to the limit, but this unique journey proved to be extreme in more ways than expected. In an unforgiving environment Karina Hollekim has to face ferocious heat, a vicious sand storm, thorny undergrowth and wind turning against her during her daring wingsuit flight off the myth-enshrouded mountain.

Episode 2

Steve Fisher at Zambezi Deluge

In one amazing journey, kayaking legend Steve Fisher returns to the Zambezi, one of the world's most treacherous waterways, raging at the highest levels in a decade, to take on a thrilling challenge that most would consider a death wish.

Episode 3

Stephen Redmond at Oceans Seven

Stephen Redmond has already achieved to swim six channels and straits in six oceans. But only the seventh channel, the Tsugaru Strait between the Japanese main island and Hokkaido, will make him the first man to swim the iconic Seven Oceans. A death defying swim of 14 hours in 12°C cold open sea.

Episode 4

Ueli Steck at The North Face Trilogy

The infamous north faces of Eiger, Grandes Jorasses and Matterhorn are awesome challenges just for the best climbers. Swiss speed climbing legend Ueli Steck doesn't let things scorch. He conquers in free solo style this trio of threat in only hours, no rope, no bolt was needed.

Episode 5

The Huber Buam at Mt. Asgard

The climbing brothers Thomas and Alexander Huber attempt to conquer free the infamous Bavarian Direttissima on the iconic Mt. Asgard on the Arctic Baffin Island. 40 days expedition with polar bears, frostbite and climbing at the peril of their life.

Episode 6

Big Wave Surfers at Pororoca

Surfing the Pororoca is especially dangerous, as the water contains a significant amount of debris, often entire trees, in addition to dangerous fauna. Australian big wave surf legend Ross Clarke-Jones is taking the challenge to surf one of the highest bores ever recorded.