Outside Series

A New Adventure Begins

10 Episodes

Episode 1

A New Adventure Begins

To start the Higher mission big mountain snowboarder Jeremy Jones will head to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to attempt to ride the Otterbody in Teton Park. Jeremy and the TGR team will face the harrowing climb to the summit of the Grand Teton.

Episode 2

The Otterbody

Jeremy Jones and the TGR team ride the Otterbody, the premiere snowboard mountaineering runs in Teton National Park. A 55-degree patch of snow that sits exposed over a thousand feet of cliffs.

Episode 3

Back Home Alaska

Jeremy Jones and the TGR team head to Alaska where they struggle to find a mission. When their main objective turns out to be too icy to ride they have no choice but to wait for a storm and hope things change.

Episode 4

Another Storm

When the storm they were hoping for hits harder than expected, Jeremy Jones and the TGR team faces their worst storm yet stuck on the glacier. When the weather clears their main objective is transformed along with the teams spirits.

Episode 5

The First Runs

With good weather and stable conditions Jeremy and the team attempt to climb the 4000-foot Alaskan face but the ice layer under the fresh snow continues to cause them problems calling into question their chances of summiting this massive peak.

Episode 6

The Last Days of AK

After being stopped on his ascent twice because of the ice, Jeremy attempts to traverse the face to a new rout up. When the ice shows itself on the face Jeremy losses his edge and goes sliding down the face towards exposed cliffs and crevasses.

Episode 7

Into the Himalaya

Jeremy and the TGR team set on their last and most difficult expedition, trekking high into the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. Jeremy’s final mission of his six-year journey will be the search for face from a thirty-year-old photo called Shangri La.

Episode 8

Ming Bo La

After weeks of trekking to their basecamp in Nepal, Jeremy Jones and the TGR team have to figure out the snow and terrain of this untapped range. But the weather and the high altitude plague attempts casting a shadow on their main objective.

Episode 9


A month into his trip to Nepal, with only days left to ride Shangri La, Jeremy Jones has finally summited his highest peak but when a think layer of clouds comes in the team is forced to make a treacherous climb down the mountain.

Episode 10


The team tries to recuperate after being forced to climb down the mountain and then attempts once more to ride off the 21,000-foot summit of Shangri La, in the mountains of Nepal.