Outside Series

Climbing’s Newest Hotbed

7 Episodes

Episode 1

Climbing’s Newest Hotbed

Sasha travels to Manikia, a small village in Greece, to experience an emerging climbing destination. Manikia has only recently come into the spotlight as a potential world-class climbing destination. Sasha is joined on this adventure by fellow climbers from the Petzl team. The ultimate goal is to help establish a new climbing area the "right way." During this trip, Sasha and the team set new routes in calibration with local climbers and guides while discussing ecotourism's positive and negative effects on local communities.

Episode 2

Players for the Planet

Sasha travels to the unlikely climbing destination of the Dominican Republic. On the surface, it's a tropical island paradise with blue water and sandy beaches. But taking a closer look, we see the devastating amounts of pollution on the beaches. So Sasha teams up with "Players for the Planet," a group of professional athletes, for a massive clean-up of one of the most polluted beaches in the world.

Episode 3

Mind Body Connection with Gabby Reece and Laird Hamilton

Sasha journeys to Malibu, CA, to meet up with professional athletes turned entrepreneurs Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece. After an intense morning XPT training session for the body and mind, Sasha sits down to hear more about “Laird’s Superfood,” a business born after Laird started adding different plant-based fats to his morning coffee. Laird and Gabby’s emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility in all their product choices is an example every business should follow.

Episode 4

Debunking Bio Plastics

Sasha travels to Maine where she meets up with local climber Erin O’Toole and Marine Research Scientist Abby Barrows who are doing their part in areas of sustainability and conservation. Sasha sees firsthand how businesses and individuals can work to make Maine and our world a better place.

Episode 5

The Future of Fashion

Sasha meets up with professional Kiteboarder and swimwear designer Sensi Graves to hear what makes Sensi's business specializing in fashion. Sensi Graves is a self-made entrepreneur who started her sustainable swimwear brand - her materials are made from 100% recycled ocean plastics and reclaimed fishing nets. To round out this Oregon adventure and get the whole "Hood River" experience, Sasha and Sensi decide to trade sports for a day - Sasha tries kiteboarding for the first time, and Sensi tries her hand at climbing.

Episode 6

A Climber’s Paradise

Sasha travels to the remote island of Makatea in French Polynesia to learn about the island's unique history and see how establishing a world-class climbing destination could help create a new local economy. For years, phosphates mining took the rock away from this once pristine island. The remaining scars are a vivid reminder of the island's former destructive economy. Sasha and local climbers discuss how increased adventure tourism specific to climbing might help revitalize the local economy and deter a return to mining that is once again being considered.

Episode 7

Healthy on the Go: SEND Bars

Sasha and her business partners sit down to discuss the inspiration for Send Bars, Sasha’s newest business venture.