Outsiders Of The Year

3 episodes

It’s been another tough year, but some people thrive under adversity. Here are the athletes, activists, tree planters, chefs, filmmakers, and other disruptors who changed our world for the better in 2021. Join Outside as we premier three “Outsiders of the Year” Films. First, Lo Phong, known as Lil Buddha on trial, has hiked tens of thousands of miles. He is one the biggest voices in the space and tells us what it’s like to be hiking down the spine of America in these times. Then, the “LA Forest protectors” who are currently planting 90,000 trees by the end of this year in hopes to increase the tree-equity canopy 50% by 2028. Finally, the story of Ultramarathon runner, Tommy “Rivs” Puzay as told through the voice and recollections of his wife Steph Catudal.