Outside Series

Elbow Grease

10 Episodes

Episode 1

Elbow Grease

Ten of the world’s best amateur riders arrive in Big White, British Columbia, and discover their new home: the Pinkbike Academy House. After being greeted by the hosts and judges, the contestants have presented their custom painted 2022 Orbea Rallon; spec’d go out by our sponsors. The athletes’ first challenge? To display their mechanical prowess by fixing a litany of unknown mechanical problems on their bikes, all while racing against the clock. Who will gain an early advantage, and who will fall behind in the first episode of Pinkbike Academy Season 3?

Episode 2

And They're Off: Part One

With the Mechanics’ Challenge out of the way, our first winner is announced and the competition heats up. In this episode, contestants take on the first three stages of our grueling 25km enduro course, starting with a pedal to the top of Big White Pike Park.

Episode 3

And They’re Off: Part Two

With their first racing endeavor behind them, we pick back up for part two of the contestants’ five-part enduro. Tensions run high, nerves are showing, and the time comes for one athlete to go home.

Episode 4

Survival of the Fitness

Nine of the athletes have survived their first elimination, but they aren't out of the woods yet. With an intense two-challenge day ahead of them, they will be tested to their physical limit. They face the Wingate test to test their maximum output, followed shortly after by a fat-tire crit race (with a twist). Who will flourish under the pressure and who will fall behind? Eight will survive, one will go home.

Episode 5

Get Up or Get Out

Back as a fan favourite, the contestants are hit with a low-speed challenge that tests all of their skill: The Impossible Climb. With ultra-tech twists and turns, the athlete's balance will be tested with their nerves. Who will get up? And who will go home?

Episode 6

A Slalom Duel

The contestant pool is thinning. Tensions run high. With a head-to-head dual slalom for the ages on Big White's own slalom course, we will see who has the speed and the cornering ability to stay in the house, and who is sent packing. Hold on tight and don't touch those brakes.

Episode 7

Content is King: Part One

It’s time to test the athletes’ creativity both on and off the bike. For their next challenge, guest judge and action sports photographer Mason Mashon will be working with our athletes to capture some epic photos for their sponsors. With limited time available, the athletes will need to tap into their creative talent to impress the judges and create some memorable highlights of their time at Pinkbike Academy.

Episode 8

Content is King: Part Two

For the second part of our content challenge, the athletes are tested on their ability to capture *sick* footage. It’s time to create some viral highlights of their own, before two athletes are sent home and just four remain.

Episode 9

The Final Race

Ten top amateur athletes from around the world descended upon Big White to compete for the top spot at the Pinkbike Academy. After the Pinkbike team has thrown every challenge possible at them, they have been whittled down to four remaining contestants. These four will compete in the final race for the grand prize: $30,000 and a pro mountain biking contract. Today is race day.

Episode 10

A Winner Is Crowned

This year’s PBA competitors have put their skills to the test and their careers on the line in the hope of winning one grand prize: $30,000 and a pro contract with Orbea Bikes. Today we announce a winner and crown the Season 3 winner of The Pinkbike Academy.