Outside Series

La Dura Dura

13 Episodes

Episode 1

La Dura Dura

The legend and the young contender team up in Catalunya, Spain, trying to establish the world's hardest route.

Episode 2

Race For The Nose

For a decade, Hans Florine and Dean Potter have one-upped each other in a wild race for the speed record up The Nose, a 3,000ft route on El Capitan in California, USA, each taking increasingly enormous risks to reclaim the title.

Episode 3

Sketchy Andy

Andy Lewis has a vision to elevate this laid-back form of balancing on a line to a full-blown art form.

Episode 4

The Swiss Machine

Ueli Steck is one of the world's fastest alpinists, but his latest quest could cement his place among legends.

Episode 5

Wide Boyz

Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker, are on a mission to master this bizarre form of climbing.

Episode 6

Obe And Ashima

Ashima Shiraishi crushes all competition and blows minds with her top-end ascents.

Episode 7

Ice Revolution

Will Gadd and Tim Emmett discover a whole new universe of ice climbing at Helmcken Falls, British Columbia.

Episode 8

The Sensei: Part I

Yuji Hirayama plans to complete one of his hardest projects ever climbing the summit of Mount Kinabalu.

Episode 9

The Sensei: Part II

After Woods demonstrates his raw talent to Hirayama, the pair travel to the island of Borneo to conquer and establish new routes on Mount Kinabalu. While the brutal conditions 13,000 feet above sea level challenge both student and master, Woods and Hirayama wake up day after day to climb hard and push the limits of the human body to its farthest reaches.

Episode 10

Spice Girl

Hazel Findlay teams up with Emily Harrington to tackle the massive, untamed big walls of Taghia Gorge.

Episode 11

High Tension

Ueli Steck and Simone Moro were attacked by Sherpas while attempting a cutting edge new route.

Episode 12

King Lines: Part I

Follow Chris Sharma, the world's strongest climber, on his ultimate quest to make first ascents of the greatest unclimbed walls on earth. Across the Americas and Europe, Sharma discovers and climbs the most improbably rock formations, until he finds the ultimate challenge: a massive rock arch rising out of the Mediterranean Sea that he will attempt to climb without a rope, crashing into the waves below if he fails. If he can climb the arch, it will be the most difficult rock ascent ever achieved.

Episode 13

King Lines: Part II

Chris Sharma knows he must hone his skills in order to complete his dream first ascent.