Outside Series

The Doctor

5 Episodes

Episode 1

The Doctor

The backcountry segment of Return to Earth was made possible by the efforts of local legend, Cepi Raffa. An Argentinian doctor who has dedicated his life to building a vibrant mountain bike community in his hometown of Bariloche.

Episode 2

The Builder

Big Red Ted Tempany used to create the craziest stunts that could be ridden on a bike, including Anthill’s movies. But his biggest accomplishment is a single trail that anyone can ride, which has helped transform his hometown into a mountain bike mecca.

Episode 3

The Pioneer

While shooting for Return to Earth, Anthill learned mountain biking’s origin story goes beyond the famous Clunkers of Mount Tam and can trace roots back to the high alpine single-track trails of Crested Butte, CO.

Episode 4

The Islander

Moose Reichert knows first-hand the power of bikes to change lives. As a youth he did time for attempted murder. Now on the islands of Hawaii, he is turning attention from the ocean to the mountains by building trails, including the breathtaking conclusion for Return to Earth.

Episode 5

The Lensman

Sterling Lorence’s photography has inspired riders all over the world to travel into the woods on two wheels. His unrelenting search for the perfect mountain bike shot continues with the Anthill crew on the set of Return to Earth.