Outside Series

A Rough Start

7 Episodes

Episode 1

A Rough Start

The fun crew of Travis Rice, Mark Landvick, DCP and Curt Morgan set off to Canada with high expectations for what is to be the first shoot of The Art of Flight Movie. After stress at the border, the team arrives in Canada only to find bad weather, high avalanche danger and risky helicopter situations. When Mark Landvick gets caught in an avalanche, what was supposed to be a great beginning, turns into a scary, expensive and a rough start for The Art of Flight production.

Episode 2

Go North!

Curt and Travis have no choice but to head to Alaska in an expensive last-ditch effort. Once at the very remote Alaskan Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, the riders get a great taste of the possibilities and the crew realizes that they have stumbled into terrain unlike anything they have seen before.

Episode 3

Off To See The Wizard

Pressure and adventure increase as time passes for the Art Of Flight crew who are still far from civilization deep in the Alaskan Tordrillo mountain range. Finally the weather breaks and what ensues is a display of incredible big mountain snowboarding matched with unrivaled cinematography.

Episode 4

Chasing Winter

While Alaska ended well it did not get The Art of Flight production back on track. The only choice they have is to wait for snow, laugh and explore the cities and countryside of Chile. As a final effort everyone pitches in to build a very large jump and just when things begin to look up for the crew, disaster strikes.

Episode 5

The New Pioneers

After devastating earthquakes and a volcanic eruption, The Art of Flight crew and riders find themselves stranded in Chile unsure of what to do next.

Episode 6

There's No Place Like Home

With excellent conditions at home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming the riders build massive jumps and take huge risks to progress the sport of snowboarding. What follows is mind blowing action, scary season ending injuries and a lot of struggle for the entire crew as they try to manage large amounts of gear deep in the back country.

Episode 7

Going All In

This is the last The Art of Flight shoot and with nothing to lose and everything to gain Curt and Travis decide to move production to Aspen, Colorado. Aspen has been working for weeks to build a custom super pipe and a huge gap jump just for TheArt of Flight.