Vantistic Livin: Vanarky in the Ozarks

2 seasons

Tucked away in the Ozarks of Arkansas, van-lifers, camp-lifers and weekend warriors gather for their annual, community-focused meetup featuring live music, trails to ride, food, yoga and of course, the stars of the show, over 200 fully customized vans, sprinters, trucks and skoolies. Hitting the campgrounds during the 3-day event, we speak with an eclectic mix of like-minded adventurers, ranging from part time to full time, as they give us a tour of their unique van builds while telling us about their lives and what it is about van-life that ignites their passion to explore. Whether you’re a complete newbie interested in learning about this lifestyle, or a seasoned pro on your 5th build looking for some tips from the community you love, Vanarky in the Ozarks has the info you crave!