Outside Series

First Ever Quals…Bro!

7 Episodes

Episode 1

First Ever Quals…Bro!

It’s year 6 of the revolutionary Peace Park snowboard television series. Danny Davis introduces the Qualifying contest where the winner gets an all expense paid trip to the Peace Park main event in Wyoming to ride with 15 of the worlds best snowboarders.

Episode 2

Dreams Come True

Welcome to day two of the First Ever Peace Park Qualifiers at Okemo, VT. Danny is in awe watching the most talented kids go to work batteling for first place.

Episode 3

Size Matters

Witnessing Peace Park Main Event is a dream come true for qualifier champion Luke Winkelmann. Luke meets the pros and gets a taste of just how big a real Peace Park course is.

Episode 3

Highest Handplant Wall

The storm clears out, revealing a beastly combined feature challenge: Highest Handplant Wall and Highest Hip Air. It would all be considered fun if the 24-foot wall wasn’t 40-feet off the flats and the hip feature wasn’t a gigantic 70-feet long. Regardless, the men and women of Woodward Peace Park simply take it in stride as yet another mind-melter from snowboarding icon, Danny Davis. In the end, one wild-card rider will reign supreme on the wall while endless boosts off the hip redefine the gravitational pull of the Northwest snowboarding scene. Commentary by snowboarding royalty, Todd Richards and Chris Grenier (The Bomb Hole), is not to be missed.

Episode 4

One Take or Break

The Classic Peace Park “One take shot” is an annual event for all the athletes. Will the “One Take shot” happen this season?

Episode 5

Rip, Flip, & Krunk

Session after session goes down as the riders continue to compete for the Axe, the annual bragging rights a winner earns if selected as the best overall dude of the week.

Episode 6

Up Your Nose & Pick A Winner

The last day of Peace Park is always the most exciting. Get ready for Late Night Awards as Danny gives out the coveted Axe!