A Curious and Unfinished Course | The Imaginary, Part 5 (VR180)

An expedition is where the world as we’d like to see it meets the world as it really is. Alpinism, bouldering and climbing are the idealized terms that eventually become the story of our lives. What started off as a traditional climbing expedition in the Andes Mountains, evolved into an exploratory trip with significant climbing. Illness, altitude, storm and trackless terrain hampered the team in finding full expression in a remarkable area. As an unexpected reward, the expedition made archaeological discoveries in the area. The group departs as a team. An expedition isn’t a team until they’ve lived, loved and suffered together. There’s a reason why we return to the big mountains with the same people time and time again. Success is more than meeting an expectation. Produced by Abbey Smith, Unknown Artists Directed by Jeff Rueppel, Advanced Yeti Productions Written by Pete Takeda, Unknown Artists In partnership with YouTube Creator Lab, Google VR, Daydream, VRScout, Google Earth, Outside TV, Marmot, and Skratch Labs. Big thanks to: La Cima Logistics, La Casa de Zarela, Mick Follari, Olivia Hsu, Dawn Kish, Petzl, Moon Climbing, Hydroflask, Amavara, Zeal, Friction Labs, Voltaic Systems, La Sportiva, and Stoked Roasters.

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