A Month of Adventures Out the Backdoor | The Backyard

From Mike Hopkins: A Simple Plan: One month of wide open, cover as much ground as we can, exploration of our big 'ol British Columbian backyard. A Simple Motto: "Don't know till you go!" A Simple Why: Because just beyond the horizon lies one of the most badass places on planet Earth, one that is all too often overlooked. It could be that, like most of us, I took things close to home for granted. Dismissed and belittled them, you could say I had a hard time looking past the blinders of everyday perspective. Hell I used to think you needed to travel to another country to find a new experience... and then I got a clue. Turns out, there was a bloody Lifetime of adventure sitting on my doorstep. Now every summer we round up a crew of misfits and take our new found maturity, on misadventures of every kind. I mean I could sit here and chinwag about some mission of self discovery or higher purpose, but let's just put it like it is - we're just a bunch of buds being big kids in the mountains. No explanation needed. A Simple Goal: Be a big kid Explore Get in trouble Make mistakes Hang with your buddies Sleep under the stars Grin down a grizzly bear … Less travel, More livin! I mean what's better than that? Throw together a list of locations and hit the open road. And let me tell you we covered some ground, our shenanigan's had us chasing light up and down all sorts of monsters. We were like the Lost Boys: all fired up to find where the wilder things are, as we disappeared into the woodwork of Revelstoke, Golden, Rossland, Invermere, and the Purcell Range.

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