Arbor Skateboards :: Mtn Pursuits - SoCal Coastal Mountains

Downhill made the mountains an authentic part of the wider landscape of skateboarding. Mtn. Pursuits celebrates the destinations that pull riders deep into the mountains to explore steep descents, cascading waterfalls, coastal bluffs, and dense woodlands. In this installment, Arbor Team Riders Danny MacDonald, Levi Green, Ryan Ricker, Tyler Howell, and Ross Druckrey vacate the urban sprawl to seek out secluded skate sessions along the Southern California Coastline. Highlighting the outdoor lifestyle that is naturally intertwined with skateboarding, the crew camps high in the mountains and cruises above the clouds on strips of pristine pavement, then plots their descent through countless banked corners and splashes their feet in the cool Pacific waters. Arbor extends a special thanks to Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. for helping to fuel their journey.

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