ARCTIC NORWAY: Sled Dogs and Wilderness Touring

KAVU Days 38 Experience the blue light season just North of the Arctic Circle where it’s so cold hot water turns to ice powder! Max Seigal and Laura Boenish join Kasper Jæger, who runs a touring company up in Karasjok, Norway, on a week of KAVU days they will never forget. Dog Sledding, Reindeer Herding, Snowshoeing, Skiing, Ice Fishing and Puppies! #FunHasNoSeason See the Photo Story. Shot By: Max Seigal Map Animation: J Baab Thank You: Kasper Jæger, Ingvild Svarstad, Sven Engholm, Christel Engholm, Mia Opsahl, Laura Boenish, Max Seigal, The Dogs

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