Earth To Ashes: Running the Ring of Fire Through Guatemala

**This is a Virtual Reality Film . . for a fully immersive experience, please watch in a headset or Google Cardboard** Sometimes I feel like there is magma thudding through my veins, burning at 10,000 degrees, my heart ready to explode. So I recruited a friend and went to Guatemala to talk to the volcanos about the situation; I figured they'd have some insight. We ran from one to the next, climbing as close as we could to their raging mouths, examining old wounds, swimming in calderas, feeling them quiver beneath our feet. We swung on vines through the cloud forests, studied the flowers that bloom from the fertile ash, drank the coffee that's been seeded into their lush sides, slept to the glow of nature's lava lamp. Fell in love with the brilliant culture, the vivacious locals, the delicious and ubiquitous street food. And ran and ran, seeking the wisdom of the land.

Outside Television