Go Where You Feel Most Alive | Unridden

A fisherman reflects on a life at sea with nature as a lifelong companion. Mix this with abstract visualizations of claustrophobic boredom and energetic outdoor action, and you have this piece from Unridden called. “Go Where You Feel Most Alive” was filmed on the remote Faroe Islands in February — the coldest time of year. Director Ian Isak wanted to shoot in the raw and unpredictable weather to create the feeling of truly being out in the wild. This was challenging as the weather constantly changes on the islands and can bring anything from sunshine to snow blizzards. Ian Isak adds: “I knew from the start that the film had to feel raw and authentic, and I wanted to create scenes that made the audience feel like they were right in the middle of the action. We pushed the shoot six months to have the worst weather possible simply because I didn’t want to cheat. So, if the film feels rough, it’s because it was!” Unridden is a Nordic cold water brand founded in Copenhagen, Denmark. Emerging from the frigid, dark waters, Unridden is all about exploring the raw and unpredictable nature that surrounds us to find genuine happiness within ourselves. Unridden wants to inspire and dress people to go outside and explore. People spend most of their time indoors in front of screens. Unridden intends to change that. And encourage people to explore the outdoors. To go where you feel most alive.