Highlander Stories

HIGHLANDER Stories: Jesse, Healed by The Good Hike Jessi Cody was in a very bad place in life. The incoherence in his private and business life led him to question his role in this world. It was so bad that at one point he even contemplated suicide. As his mental health waned, a friend gave him a Bill Bryson's novel A Walk in the Woods. A book he read inspired him to embark on an adventure he wasn't prepared for...but walking the Apalachian Trail saved his life. Today his mission is "To lend a helping hand and improve the lives of those experiencing mental health challenges: one person, one authentic conversation, and one "hike" at a time. HIGHLANDER Stories: Benny, The Responsible Steward Benny Braden was a first responder for many years. The nature of the job and all the stress it generates took a toll on his mental state - at one point it was too much for him. He found solace in the outdoors. By becoming a long-distance hiker, he saw all the advantages of backpacking. The outdoors helped him heal. Since then, he has been on a mission to return the favor, and help nature heal as well by having a positive impact whenever he sets foot on the trail. HIGHLANDER Stories: Chelsey, The Super Mom Chelsey Evans gave birth to her son, Landon, in January 2022. That didn't stop her from deciding to go on a two-day hike only 8 months later - which she didn't go on alone. Nestled comfortably and safely on the top of his mother's backpack, Landon learns from the earliest possible age what it means to live in harmony with nature. Chelsey advocates for the idea that people shouldn't be passive and allow various circumstances such as rigid social norms to negtively influence them or prevent them from pursuing what defines them and makes them happy in life.