How to Take Photos of Wildlife on a Phone | Rewilding

Wes Siler heads to Yellowstone National Park to show you how to safely and responsibly get great photos of wildlife on your phone. Siler is shooting through the new ultralight Maven S2 spotting scope, which provides a magnification range of 12X to 27X in an 11-inch-long package that weighs just 34 ounces. And he connects it to his Google Pixel 3 XL using a Phone Skope adaptor. You can rent similar optics and the attachment from services like Explore Rentals in Bozeman, Montana, or purchase the Phone Skope and attach it to any optics you may already own. The upshot: you can achieve similar results for very little money, and in so doing, you'll be getting better photos of animals without influencing their behavior by approaching too closely. This setup will work just as well off your back deck at home as it will in the park.

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