Magnificent Yet Incomplete | The Imaginary, Part 4 (VR180)

Passion is an unbridled desire for an unnecessary thing. It is the essence of being human. A mountain is like a lover – a beautiful, sometimes alluring and often moody distraction that can lead you to unknown heights. It can also take your life. Pete Takeda and Mick Follari attempt to climb the first ascent of a major route on Chopicalqui (20,846 feet) in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru. In a six day round trip they run out of food, face deep snow and skirt dangerous avalanche conditions. Produced by Abbey Smith, Unknown Artists Directed by Jeff Rueppel, Advanced Yeti Productions Written by Pete Takeda, Unknown Artists In partnership with YouTube Creator Lab, Google VR, Daydream, VRScout, Google Earth, Outside TV, Marmot, and Skratch Labs. Big thanks to: La Cima Logistics, La Casa de Zarela, Mick Follari, Olivia Hsu, Dawn Kish, Petzl, Moon Climbing, Hydroflask, Amavara, Zeal, Friction Labs, Voltaic Systems, La Sportiva, and Stoked Roasters.

Outside Television
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