Nikolai Schirmer & Flo Bastien: PERKS I Black Crows Skis

Ode to nature, to the elements and to movement, this new video is part of the continuity of our last project ‘‘Shapes’’ and celebrates the aesthetics of the skier in his environment. Inspired by the book ‘‘Oh, the places you’ll go’’ by illustrator and author Dr. Seuss, ‘’Perks’’ sheds light on those winter scenes that, like in the book, we do not let languish in the «antechamber of waiting» to go in search of elsewhere. While doing so, it is also trying to capture the elusive pleasure of skiing. Supported by Black Crows and Level Gloves Producers: Nikolai Schirmer & Flo Bastien Directors: Nikolai Schirmer & Joonas Mattila

Outside Television