No Less of a Man: Nathan Adrian

Five-time Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian has joined forces with Movember to raise awareness of the crisis in men’s mental health. In December of 2018, life couldn’t have been better for US Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian. He had just gotten married and was training to make his fourth Olympic team for Tokyo 2020. Then, came something Nathan didn’t plan for. He noticed a lump in one of his testicles and decided to go get it checked out. The next thing Nathan knew, he was being tested and diagnosed with testicular cancer. Less than a year and two surgeries later, Nathan is back in the pool training for Tokyo 2020 because he caught it early. He's decided to share his story in hopes of inspiring other men to be more proactive with their health: “I don’t feel like any less of a man because I have one testicle. And because I did go see the doctor when I did and did catch it early, my outcome was eventually going to be ok.” Men, know the facts and take action early. Visit movember.com to learn more.

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