Part 2 | Not Just a Boys' Club

Part 2 of Not Just a Boys' Club follows business owners Lacey Dumler, Shakti Rock Gym in Montreal, and Lisa Lajoie, co-owner of Délire Escalade in Quebec City, through a day of work. Both women have worked in the industry for many years and tell us about their reality as female business owners in an industry that men have primarily dominated. They also discuss changes they see happening and solutions for making women feel more comfortable in the sport. For internationalwomensday we bring to you Not Just a Boys' Club, a 4-part video series presented by The B.I.G Initiative and The North Face, in collaboration with Mate Libre, that offers nine different women who work in the climbing industry. The purpose of the series is to highlight some of the women who currently work within the industry and present some of the challenges they've faced throughout their careers to inspire the community as a whole to reexamine how gender can affect opportunities.