Postcards from Paradise: Tahiti | Imperial Motion

As the landing gear burrowed itself into flight HA 481's under haul, passengers wedged their ear buds in, slugged back their complimentary Mai Tai's and whisked into slumber. Dreams of wood huts above the crystal blue Pacific, fire dancers and exotic new foods danced around their heads to the sound of the islands native tunes. But what lay ahead for our two passengers, mid flight to the beautiful island of Tahiti, was a bit different. A large, late, and on track gift from a storm off New Zealand, brought a massive swell headed straight to the small island. The slab waiting for them at the end of the islands road, was equally infamous for its beauty as it is its carnage. So as the aloha shirt clad passenger next to them, hastily hailed his stewardess for another round of Rum and Coke, Anthony Walsh and Benji Brand knew their sweet reward was waiting for them 35,000 feet below.

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