Road To 100 | Liam Fournier

The South Ram River, near the small town of Nordegg, Alberta, stands out to a select group of kayakers because of a beautiful series of waterfalls spread throughout its canyon walls. The tallest waterfall on the river, Ram Falls, cascades nearly 100 feet to a pool below. For years, paddlers have visited the South Ram River to run the Class 5 canyon, but always opt to enjoy the view of Ram safely from the riverbanks. Three kayakers logged the first descent of Ram in 2012. Six years later, extremely low water levels forced Edward Muggridge to abandon his first attempt at Ram Falls. He all but gave up his dream to run this hundred-footer. Liam Fournier followed Edward Muggridge's journey to paddle 100-foot Ram Falls. Mentored by world-class kayaker, Aniol Serrasolses, Road to 100 takes us deeper into the attempts and the failures, the anxieties and the skills involved in successfully running massive waterfalls. Presented by: NRS Producer/Director: Liam Fournier

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