Sheri | Alpacka Raft

How one woman's passion for design and innovation revolutionized the outdoor industry. - Sheri Tingey defied the odds and expectations of those around her by starting a company at age 50 that revolutionized the outdoor industry and changed the way paddle sports in the backcountry are viewed around the world. Sheri' is an incredible story about Sheri's life, the hurdles she overcame to launch her company, and the brilliance and commitment she still brings to her projects every day. It is the story of her son, Thor Tingey, who built the company alongside his mother. Still, it has only recently begun to fully grasp her level of dedication and what she has created for him and adventurers worldwide who use pack rafts to access remote and wild waterways. Sheri’s story will warm and inspire audiences as they learn about how one woman's lifelong passion for design and innovation culminates in her most impressive design feat.