Shred and Flow

"The intention behind Shred & Flow is to celebrate women and their place in the bike community. We wanted to unpack some of the nuances and address some of the culture that doesn’t see the limelight often, if ever. Being a female rider is as complex or simple as you want to make it. On the surface it often feels binary– either you fit in with the guys or you err to the opposite side of the spectrum. But that dynamic totally misses the point. On one hand, women can fit in with the bro-brah culture inherent in the mountain bike world, be one of the guys, always stoked and ready to shred. On the other hand, women go above and beyond to create a women-centric community. Lots of pride, and lots of trying to put men in their ""place""– a result of years of men putting women in their ""place."" But neither allows for women to just be themselves and celebrate whatever that is. It’s a beautiful and freeing thing when bikes allow us to just be."

mountain biking