Snowboard All Morning; Wakeboard All Afternoon | Off the Grid

Ethen meets up with a friend for one last snowboard session of the season. But that's just the first half of the day. Utah is one of the only places where it's possible to go from snowboard to wakeboard in one day. But this isn't a normal wakeboard setup ... About us: Nitro Circus is what happens when a group of friends decides to make their hobby into their profession. This crew of wild ones represents a cross section of everything awesome in action sports: freestyle motocross, BMX, skateboarding, scooter, snowboarding, skiing, BASE jumping, sky diving, and a bunch of stuff that shouldn't be taken down a ramp. Nitro Circus tours the world putting on shows featuring all of the above and more. In our constant quest to always do what we love and push the boundaries of what's possible in action sports, we have some epic crashes and legendary fails, but stick or stack, our only goal is to have fun and entertain the world in the process.