Taming the Wolverine | Venture Beyond

Every so often, a questionable idea for an adventure comes to mind that we just can’t seem to shake. The rewards outweigh the hardships, even if only by a smidge. For Backcountry employees Alex Quitiquit and Cam Price, that daunting objective finally came to fruition: skiing all 16 lines in the Wolverine Cirque in a single day. And who would be better to join them than Backcountry ambassador JM Fabrizi? The Cirque is predominantly north-facing with many prominent couloirs and overhanging cornices, and the trio frequents the area. The challenge at hand is what makes it unique: 10,000 feet of vertical climbing in a single day, at the mercy of avalanche danger and weather windows. Preparation and determination paid off for our group—with only a single ski release over the whole day. The crew gained a new perspective on what it means to Venture Beyond their own backyard.