The DreamRide - Final Ride | Mike Hopkins

DreamRide - A Trilogy A tip of the trucker hat to Mike Hopkins and the DreamRide crew. When we at Diamondback first started down the DreamRide vortex, we had no idea what we were getting into. We thought we’d asked them to make a video for a product launch. Instead we got a feast for the eyes: three tales that invite us into a world of wild adventures through mystical landscapes. Every spring when we head back out for the first rides of the season, we look at familiar trails with a fresh perspective. So to with DreamRide. Take a fresh look at scenes from all three films packed into one final edition, DreamRide - A Trilogy. As they say, every great ride has to come to an end, or is it a place where the next will begin? Til next time, old friend.

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