The New Endurance Challenge | World of Adventure

There’s a new endurance challenge that is spreading rapidly across North America from its origins in Sweden- the hybrid sport of SwimRun. The sport first landed in North America through the collaboration of triathlon industry veterans Lars Finanger and the late Jeff Cole, who launched the first official SwimRun event in Maine’s Casco Bay Islands in 2016. Three years later SwimRun events are now taking place across the country, in coastal or lake settings, and have offered athlete’s a unique and challenging alternative to the traditional triathlon, or open ocean swim events. The Casco Bay Swim Run, now named the Cole Classic, is still the benchmark event in the US due in part to the beauty of the setting and rugged course set amongst the islands of Portland Harbor. This year’s race featured a new route that took athletes across 9 islands, and included 5 miles of swimming and over 15 miles of running.

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