The Search for the Next Proving Grounds | Natural Selection

Natural Selection Proving Grounds searches the globe for a location with terrain that can launch the sport of mountain bike freeriding to the next level. With the help of free-rider Carson Storch, they hone in on the South Island of New Zealand. Even after narrowing down 22 possible locations to three venues with limitless potential, choosing one is impossible. So, Proving Grounds and Storch call in five of the world’s best free-riders to decide which of the three locations’ terrain will best propel the future of freeriding, allow riders’ creativity to shine on the natural landscape and ultimately inspire more up-and-coming riders. Reed Boggs, Casey Brown, Robin Goomes, Brett Rheeder, and Carson Storch consider every aspect, from wind to terrain, sustainability of the build, and community access. With three seemingly perfect locations, the riders weigh the more dynamic, natural terrain features in a venue above Queenstown against the long-term community benefits of a platform that the public could ride in the Wanaka area. Find out where Proving Grounds lands in “Search for the Next Proving Grounds” out now.

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