YETI Natural Selection: Revelstoke Super Session  | Trailer

YETI Natural Selection: Revelstoke Super Session


With many of the world’s best riders gathered in Revelstoke for the 2023 Natural Selection Tour and dream conditions, there were two otherworldly venues to choose from, but only one live event day. Still buzzing from the mind-blowing, and at moments, terrifying day of live competition at Boulder Park, the riders decide to leave no fresh landing untouched. Two days after Revy, Selkirk-Tangiers guided the riders back into the mountains to drop into a magnificent bowl known as Huckleberry. The cameras were rolling this time, and the riders fully sent it, but the world had no idea it was going down. Captured in super secret with never before seen footage, YETI Natural Selection “Revelstoke Super Session” captures the most prominent riders in the game, all together with optimal terrain for progression, on one auspicious bluebird day.